SMS Help

Here's some handy info to make sure your get the most out of using SMS (Text Messaging) on Blabbr.

If you're having problems, Contact Us, we'll sort you out. You can also check out the FAQ, which has tons of good info.

1. Our short code is 25222 (kind of like spelling 'BLABB')

That's where you will always send the txt message (SMS Message). A short code is the way our system interacts with your phone. Instead of sending the message to a phone number, you send it to the short code, 25222.

2. Score anyone through your phone, through the widget, or through our site.

You can use these variables:
  • person/place/thing (name, mobile #, or an email)
  • score (-2, -1, +1, +2)
  • comment (up to 48 characters)
Seperated with a space, to look like this (any of these would work):
  • 2125551212 +2 For taking me to the 80's party
  • Lindsay Lohan -2 Get a life.
  • johnsmith +1 Being my wingman last night
  • -1 Hooking up with Sarah.
  • Paramore +2 I love Misery Business

3. Here is a list of the Commands you can send from your Phone:

  • OFF disables phone notifications
  • ON enables phone notifications
  • SCORE gets your current score
  • BLOCK username stops alerts from a user
  • HELP A list of commands
  • SCORE Gets your current Score
  • INFO About Blabbr
  • SMS Help with formatting SMS messages
  • INVITE mobile # Invite your friends

4. Blabbr is really powerful and can do a lot of things. If you wanna read all about those, there's also a ridiculously long FAQ.

About Blabbr

Blabbr is a place where you can offer your 2 cents about anyone or anything. Have someone you like? Or maybe a song you really hate? Score it with Blabbr.

Blabr w/ Txt

You can use Blabbr with txt messaging on your mobile phone too!

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You can score anyone or anything through Blabbr, through the widget, through Facebook, or through SMS.

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