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vfvfd has -1 points
member-5828 has 3 points
member-5827 has 2 points
member-5826 has 2 points
member-5825 has 2 points
member-5824 has 2 points
member-5823 has 2 points
Ityla has 2 points
member-5821 has 3 points
member-5820 has 2 points
member-5819 has 2 points
Muh. Irwan has -45 points
The day you started to ignore me has -2 points
To my senior in high school has 12 points
if only i knew you sooner..would you fall for me instead of her? has 4 points
member-5814 has 10 points
sad and angry has 1 point
member-5812 has 3 points
member-5811 has 2 points
mysteriouscurl has -2 points

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